Essential Refreshers


Program Format

This one-day onsite session reviews, refreshes and enriches some of the real-time communication skills initially taught in Customer Service Essentials or Sales Essentials. Because people learn by doing, this session is all about individual activity, group exercises, role-play, and self-reflection. All of this helps to create or reinforce good habits that will help transform every interaction into a positive and successful one.

In Customer Service Essentials Refresher we take a deeper dive into some of the more challenging communication techniques that are required to provide next level service. In Sales Essentials Refresher we take it to the next level and further explore all that goes into the art of developing a great offer to ensure that the ”pitch” is spot on.

These instructor-led refresher sessions are highly customized and most effective when clients provide examples of their specific challenges, and if possible also provide recorded calls to use as a “study” for how conversations could have been improved.

Workshops can be split into shorter sessions to accommodate schedules and are available OnDemand (for Service only). Live Remote Training options are also available.

Learning Outcomes

This course ensures you and your employees are up-to-date and have the most current best practices, which results in elevated consistency of service. Increase retention of skills and techniques as well as identify and improve developmental gaps.

Business Outcomes


Increased Cohesiveness of company standards.

Improved Reputation Through Consistency of Service.

Enhanced Best Practices.

Decrease Employee Turnover.

Who should attend?

This course is for those who have previously completed Bonfire Training Customer Service Essentials, but 12-18 months have passed since the initial course was delivered.


Keep skills fresh and top of mind.

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