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Bonfire Training’s Quality Training Delivered Through a Learning Management System

Did you know our Customer Service Essentials modules are available for delivery through Bonfire’s Learning Management System (LMS) or can be delivered within your organization’s LMS?

With Bonfire’s comprehensive lineup of customer service eLearning modules, you get the quality training your team needs whenever and wherever you want it. Bonfire’s eLearning series is designed to increase the confidence of your team members while maintaining exceptional customer service. The intention is to teach new skills, refresh existing competencies, and offer new approaches to challenging situations.

Licensing our eLearning product to host on your internal LMS offers a multitude of benefits, including:

elearning refresher training

Full Access

You receive full access to our content including updates with no usage limits or time restrictions for course completion. Utilize it at any time for onboarding new hires or refresher training.



Hosting on your LMS offers the ability to focus on different techniques individually along with customized options to track learner progress.

LMS platform on mobile device

Streamlined LMS Delivery

The eLearning program is SCORM compliant and compatible with most LMS platforms. It can be viewed easily on any mobile device through the menu-based format.

Pricing Information

The annual eLearning license fee is based on each client’s needs and typically ranges from $10,000 to $13,000/year. The one-time fee for a perpetual license for unlimited access to Bonfire’s intellectual property on your LMS is also based on each client’s needs and customization elements and typically ranges from $20,000 to $35,000.

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To discuss your specific learning objectives and business outcomes and to obtain a pricing quote, please email Kelli Dalton or call 800-888-4893.

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