Around the Bonfire: Dish with Dez

Dish with Dez - Think

We don't always think before we speak, but it's important. Listen in as Dez shares an acronym to help you THINK about your words before they're spoken. 

Dish with Dez - Stress

Stress is real. It's not just in your head! Dish with Dez about types of stress and some possible coping strategies you can use in 2021!

Dish with Dez - Dr. Suess

If you have a worry or are feeling blue, then picking up a book of inspiration can be a good thing to do!

Dish with Dez - Indoor S'mores

Fall for some s'mores with Dez in this episode! Learn how to make this simple and delicious seasonal favorite - in your oven.

Dish with Dez - Bonfire-Rita!

Dish with Dez about the best drink to have this summer - a Bonfire-rita! Summer time is the best time to hang out with those you love (social distancing of course)!

Dish with Dez - Bingo!

B-I-N-G-O and Bingo was his NAME-O! Bongo, Boingo, BINGO! There has been a tremendous amount of change as of late and research tells us that when it comes to change nearly 65% of people resist it. Have I got a game for you!