B-I-N-G-O and Bingo was his NAME-O! Bongo, Boingo, BINGO! Have I got a game for you!

There has been a tremendous amount of change as of late and research tells us that when it comes to change nearly 65% of people resist it. Change can stress us out and when we are stressed we reach for comfort and things that are familiar. Sooooo….let’s travel back in time to when we were kids and let’s play BINGO! Think back to the joy you felt when you got your straight down B column Bingo! Remember how you would shout it out so that all could hear.

Well, grown-ups can play too, so we created a little game of Mayday Mayday Workplace Bingo for you! Click below to download a customized Bonfire Bingo Board – each square represents an opportunity for you to use and track your excellent Customer Service Essentials skills. Simply decide the type of game you want to play—Diagonal Bingo, Vertical Bingo, Horizontal Bingo, X Marks the Spot Bingo or even Coverall Bingo. We even included nifty, silly certificates that winners can print off and proudly boast their success. And in the spirit of our current virtual world, we even created a video to help you kick off the fun!