Stressbusters: 3 Easy Ways To Get Ahead of The Holiday Chaos

F. Scott Fitzgerald described it best when he wrote, “Life starts all over again, when it gets crisp in the fall.” And with the holidays upon us, are you taking the time to enjoy every moment or has the season become an impossible juggling act of managing work responsibilities with family obligations and tasks? At the very least, take a … Read More

Hold On to That Balloon!

“Hold On to That Balloon!” …is how a friend of Bonfire’s who runs a volunteer organization once described it this way: in his view, the dreams, ideas, suggestions and feelings provided by his volunteers were like little notes, each one tied to its own balloon. These balloons, one at a time or in a bunch, were offered to him throughout the … Read More

How Compliments Help Motivate and Find Value In Others

(This article was originally published in 2009 and is even more applicable today.) Free Compliments! What a great idea! Bummed out by all of the negativity on the airwaves regarding world affairs and the economy, two sophomores at Purdue University in Indiana took to the streets to make a difference by doling out compliments and brightening the days of passing … Read More