Leadership Development Essentials


Course Overview

Sustaining training is vital to training results, improving company culture and creating an environment where employees can thrive. Leadership is influence and a great leader is intentional in their behavior. Your leaders have one of the biggest impacts in learning transfer and keeping the training alive, and Leadership Development Essentials equips leaders to do just that.

This workshop follows one of our frontline training programs - Customer Service Essentials or Sales Essentials. We collaborate with your Leaders to create a customized sustainability plan, which can include:

  • Techniques and formulas to coach and motivate teams
  • Individual and team development plans
  • Ways for your teams to be involved in the sustainability plan
  • A structure for implementing side-by-side coaching sessions

Whether a leader operates in a purposeful way or not, either way they are leading and modeling behavior for their staff to follow. Leadership Development Essentials provides an intentional path to excellence through leaders’ consistent support and guidance. It truly is the path to sustaining the training.

Learning Outcomes

  • Ask better questions to promote meaningful dialogue
  • Lead by example to promote success
  • Give positive and productive feedback
  • Conduct motivating coaching sessions
  • Ensure techniques are used consistently
  • Recognize the impact of positive coaching
  • Launch a welcomed coaching program

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“Leadership is intentional influence.”
Tim Cook

Business Outcomes

Shared Vision with Leadership

Enriched Company Culture

Better Employee/Leader Relationships

Improved Team Morale

Confident Leaders

Self-Reliant and Empowered Employees

Program Format

This program is designed to address the unique concerns of leadership teams, including supervisors, team leaders, managers, directors, and especially those individuals responsible for tracking and developing the tools to better mentor your staff toward performance improvement.

Who should attend?

This program benefits those in a coaching, mentoring or leadership position within your organization and is customized for you and your leadership team.

Keep the momentum going

Achieve long-term organizational success and personal growth.

Develop Your Leaders