DISC Behavioral Styles


Program Format

Find out how the DISC Behavioral Styles – Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance – predict your behavior toward others and the everyday things you do.

DISC is a one-day program that includes a pre-work assignment and individual DISC assessments for all participants. Taking this course will increase your team’s ability to operate as a high-functioning group through increased awareness and reception of individual traits that boost your team’s ability to be open-minded and well-rounded. During the program, we will compare and contrast different DISC styles within your team to increase awareness of nuances influencing how your team functions.

Get to know yourself better:

  • Recognize your potential strengths and be aware of potential
    blind spots.
  • Understand others better.
  • Learn to adapt your style for more effective communication
    and better relationships.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know your DISC “wiring” and how it describes personal
    strengths and limitations.

  • Know how to diagnose the DISC “wiring” of others.

  • Know what personal behaviors to modify to create an
    environment where you and others can be their best.

  • Feel capable and confident to use DISC.

  • Put the DISC techniques into action with each interaction using a spaced-learning plan.

Business Outcomes


Gain Commitment and Cooperation.

Build Effective Teams.


Resolve and Prevent Conflict.

Gain Credibility and Influence.


Who should attend?

The DISC training program is designed for ALL team members who interact with a variety of personality styles in the workplace and who want to excel in interpersonal and communication skills. Understanding DISC also helps managers of people to coach team members to results and ensure they are in the right role.

Be Your Best, On Purpose, Every Time.

Understand yourself and your team.

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